The Imperial Porcelain offers about 4,000 products varying in shapes and pattern: tea, coffee and dinner sets, individual tableware, gifts and souvenirs, genre and animal sculptures, decorative, dishesm plates, etc. They are made of hard-paste, soft-past and bone porcelain. The Imperial Porcelain preserved the essence of the classic porcelain technology developed by D. I. Vinogradov, the founder of Russian Porcelain industry, as early as the 18th century.

Fine bone china is remarkable for its high degree of whiteness, delicacy, and lightness, similar by its characteristics to the renowned ancient Chinese Porcelain known as `eggshell`. The Imperial Imperial Porcelain developed the egg-shell bone porcelain technology 50 years ago and was the firstin Russia to release the commercial batch of articles of increased finess and transperacy

The Imperial Porcelain products are decorated with hand or machine-made overglaze and underglaze painting, or a combination of these, with paints based on rare and precious metals.