The Cobalt collection brings together three classic color - blue, white and gold. It creates an amazing combination of intertwining lines, drops and accents. The collection includes a variety of different products: coffee and tea sets, dinner sets, as well as separate items. Each individual piece is hand painted by the manufactures skilled artists who carefully keep the traditions of porcelain making.

The Imperial Porcelain is the leading enterprise in Russia that manufactures products of egg-shell bone china. Items made of this material are exceptionally light, amazingly, fine, almost transparent, but at the same time characteristically strong owing to the special composition. They have gentle white color and produce a surprisingly melodic sound when tapped slightly upon. Bone china made with an exclusive technology developed by the engineers is much finer and whiter than many world counterparts, so it quickly took the leading position in the porcelain market.

The Traditional Collection represents the very best of Russian design in porcelain works of the golden age of the Soviet Lomonosov Manufactory 1940-1980s , widely recognized in Russia and abroad, including international exhibitions of art and industry. It consists of porcelain works with the variety of decorative patterns, which perfectly suite their shapes.


The collection represents the stylization of the national art created by Russian artists of the late XIX early XX centuries, unique and original works belonging to artists of the Soviet period - Alexei Vorobyevsky who seamlessly weaves the themes and images of the Russian folk tradition into the art of porcelain, variations on fold images and ornaments of contemporary artists.

The Imperial Porcelain has always been a place where famous painters and sculptors were trained and groomed in full of accordance with noble artistic traditions and has been produced custom porcelain items. Before the revolution of 1987, first of all these orders of the Russian Imperial court to produce and complete the existing sets and items for interior decoration of imperial residences. Throughout the XX century of factory implemented govermental orders and orders for large corporations, diplomatic gifts, produced sets for official receptions in honor of the significant events in Russian history. At the beginning of XXI century, the factory began to produce a replica of the most significant works made in XVIII-XIX centuries.