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Manufacturing Process

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory offers about 4,000 products varying in shapes and patterns tea, coffee and dinner sets, individual tableware, gifts and souvenirs, genre and animal sculptures, decorative dishes, plates, etc. They are made of hard-paste, soft-paste and bone porcelain. Products are decorated with hand or machine-made over glaze and under glaze painting or a combination of these, with paints based on rare and precious metals.


Establish in 1744 in Saint Petersburgh by order of Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory became the first porcelain company works in Russia and third one in Europe. Upon enthronement off Catherine II (1762-1796), the manufactory was reorganized and renamed the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory i n 1765. From the onward, it was to satisfy the needs of entire Russia in porcelain.